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Wireless networking and devices

Wireless networking and wireless devices are becoming more common every day. Both company owned devices and the ones the staff bring to work with them, are growing in number. Wireless blackspots can be problematic. Where you have a connection does it run more slowly than it should? Maybe your whole wireless network is underperforming and you don’t know why.

Physical placement of devices, object interference, number of access points, and placement of antenna affect the quality of the signal. Out of date firmware, traffic types, also affect the quality and speed of your wireless connections. Although most companies are very careful about what can be plugged in to the network, many overlook wireless. Some have little or no control of what devices are connected. Some don’t what data is travelling to or from those devices.

We will conduct a wireless network audit, examine your traffic, hardware, and connections, and identify your issues. We will recommend and implement solutions to give you back the control and security you need. allowing you both to control access and to optimize your working output when not connected to a physical cable.

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